Work Related Injuries Physiotherapy

Some occupations require people to spend long hours sitting at a desk or over a computer and typing repeatedly.
Such people tend to develop wrong postures like bent neck, rounded shoulders especially if they don’t see that desk and chairs are at the right height for them. When this happens repeatedly, they tend to develop repetitive strain injury like neck, back pain, wrist pain, numbness and also weak abdominals over a period of time. Common problems encountered are

    • Cervical and lumbar postural, dysfunction syndrome
    • Upper back strain
    • Tennis elbow
    • Brachioradialis strain
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • De quervain’s disease
    • Tenosynovitis

At Reliefz Physiotherapy clinic, we work out to improve posture by educating them the faulty postures, correcting them by teaching good posture and exercises and making them understand the importance and benefits of rest periods and simple stretches in between their work.
We emphasise on ergonomic changes at work place like the height of desk, chair, position of laptopetc and also advise them to follow the same at home. Also we provide ergonomic products to correct posture and make pain free environment and thus making them work efficiently.