General Fitness

A physical fitter body will function much more efficiently and everyday tasks are easier to perform, the likelihood of injury, illness will decrease and mental agility is increased.
At Reliefz Physiotherapy clinic, we begin with finding what body type you are, where you have excess fat and in what areas your muscles needs developing and we do simple fitness test and body measurement to find out your present level of fitness.
Then we will plan an exercise program according to the fitness level where it starts with warm up and ends with cool down. The exercise program includes

  • Mobility exercises- to loosen up joints
  • Pulse raising exercises- to warm up the body
  • Stretching-to improve flexibility
  • Muscle toning –to improve body shape
  • Strength training-to improve muscle power
  • Aerobic exercises- to improve your heart, lung function and circulation
  • Relaxation techniques- to manage stress
  • Diet counselling – to loose or maintain weight